The latest round of electricity grid connection offers were published in November. This Enduring Connection Process, known as “ECP 2.1” include generator projects with an Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) greater than 500kW, or non-generation projects with the ability to generate or absorb more than 500kVA.

A total of 85 projects have formed the initial batch, of which the first 25 projects to form the batch have the highest MEC (MW) of all applicants, and any generator projects considered thereafter have been sorted by planning permission date.

91% of projects in the batch were comprised of wind and solar and made up 71% of the total sum of MEC (1859MW out of 2601MW). 48 solar projects, with a total sum of MEC of 881MW, including a solar and battery hybrid will be processed in the batch. 29 wind projects with a total sum of MEC of 923MW, including a wind and battery hybrid will be processed. As well as the above, the 55MW Knocknamork Wind and Solar Park was also successful as the first wind and solar hybrid in the Republic of Ireland – assisted through the environmental assessment and planning process by MKO.

The remaining generator types include hydro, hydro and battery, CCGT, CHP and gas projects.

As generator projects are required to have planning permission in place to be eligible for ECP-2.1, upon being awarded a grid connection, many projects are now likely meet the prerequisites to compete in the upcoming RESS-2 auction due to be held in September 2021.