The latest round of grid connection offers to be processed via ECP-2.2 was published this month (April 2022) after the window closed in September 2021. This list has determined the applicants that have been successful in receiving grid connection offers with a total of 65 projects due to receive offers under all categories.

There are three categories (A, B,&C) at ECP -2 that each applicant is processed under. The first 25 projects in Category A were prioritised on the basis of renewable output, with the project having the largest GWhrs/yr generated being granted the highest priority. The subsequent 60 projects were selected in order of planning permission grant date with a cap of 10 primarily storage and other system service technology projects in each ECP-2 batch. Category B is open to smaller projects with a MEC greater than 6kW/11KkW and less than 500kW, category C is aimed at community-led projects where MEC is greater than 0.5 MW and less than 5MW.

A breakdown of the categories by generation type and their output is below:

Generation Type MEC (MW)
Hybrid 10
Solar 452
Wind 128
Total 592

Solar has dominated this round of offers with 32 out of 36 applications in Category A being Solar projects ranging from 4MW to 50MW MEC and an average 10MW MEC approx. 4 wind applications were in category A ranging from 3MW to 47MW MEC, with 12 Category B and 17 Category C applications in total.

In Summary, there was a combined 593MW (MEC) across 65 different projects with 21 projects withdrawn from the process.  26 applications to the batch have been unsuccessful.