Projects that have qualified for processing in ECP 2.2. have been released this month by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) as part of the development of Enduring Connection Policy (ECP) in Ireland

Like ECP 2.1, a total of 85 project applications have been accepted for processing with 25 of these projects are classed as Category A projects based on renewable energy output and the amount of GWhrs/yr generated. The remaining 60 projects were prioritized by their planning permission grant date. The 85 projects combined will generate a Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) of 2897MW.

The dominant generator type applications continue to be wind and solar, which account for over half (65%) of the total MW to be produced by all 85 projects. The batch includes a total of 11 wind projects, resulting in an MEC sum of 345MW with an additional 2MW from hybrid wind and battery projects. Solar projects alone contribute an MEC total of 1,533MW with an additional 325MW from hybrid solar and battery projects.

Other generator types included in the batch are gas (100MW) and battery (598MW) which both contrite approximately 3.5% and 21% to the total MEC respectively.