MKO has been involved in a diverse range of Landscape Architecture projects over the years, providing unique, achievable, and sustainable designs to our clients. One of the many aspects of a successful design is to engage with the public and local communities to listen to their vision and ideas of a space that is familiar to them. This important feedback informs project design and provides an inspiring, inviting and comfortable environment while enhancing the identity of the space.

We consider this process an important step for successful project design, by taking a holistic approach that connects key stakeholders and provides our Landscape Architecture Team with valuable insights that are incorporated into our ideas.

Over the past few years, we have experienced an increase of concerns from communities about climate change and environment. The Climate Action Plan 2021 (Government of Ireland, 2021) acknowledges “the vital role of the public in addressing climate change (…) which will lead us towards a climate neutral, sustainable society by 2050.” and it is important to address those concerns with sensitivity and care. The role of a Landscape Architect is important in providing this connection between community and space, while also representing the needs of the client and tackling concerns to protect the environment. The preparation of a landscape design takes all of this into account by embracing the needs of the landscape, enhancing the space for public use and providing a sustainable design.

One of our most successful engagement experiences was our Collaborative Workshop and Village Plan for Creggs, Co. Galway. Students at Creggs National School were invited to carry out creative activities to showcase their vision for Creggs in the year 2050. The activities included drawings and maps of the village, and hanging tags on a ‘wishing tree’.

Creggs Village Wishing Tree

Figure 1. Creggs Village “Wishing Tree”

Student drawn map of Creggs Village

Figure 2. Map of Creggs Village as envisioned by a student of Creggs National School

At MKO, we are working towards a more sustainable future, we believe that engaging and collaborating with communities and stakeholders is a fundamental part of our process. Our multidisciplinary teams of in-house ecologists, landscape architects, environmental scientists, land solutions managers and ornithologists work together to solve any problem and deliver high quality projects.

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