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Land Agent Services

Our Land Agent team deliver the development and access rights required for our client’s projects, by leading negotiations with landowners to secure the necessary agreements.

We ensure that needs of our client’s projects and the landowners facilitating them are appropriately balanced and all parties are satisfied with the agreements reached. We help the landowners we engage with make fully informed decisions, while having an intimate knowledge of the needs of our clients and the projects they are trying to develop. We assist in negotiating legal contracts and notices from inception to completion and beyond into continued relationship management.

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  • Declan Dooley

    Declan Dooley

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Land Agent Key Services

Comprehensive Land Agent Services for effective project outcomes.

Negotiations, legal agreements, and notifications

We deliver bespoke solutions for development projects, including securing option and lease agreements for renewable energy developments, landowner negotiations for access and other accommodations works, planning agreements, and pre- and post-planning grid connection requirements.

Landowner engagement

Having identified all landowners required for the project, our Land Agents establish contact with each landholder, directly introduce the project and the developer behind the project, and provide the landowner with all the information available on the proposed development.

Explaining project requirements

We provide the landowners with information on the proposed project opportunity, the potential scale and the type of infrastructure required across the project with a focus on the infrastructure that may be required on their land. We also outline the type of legal agreements required should their land be included in the project, including option agreements, leases, easements and wayleaves.

Landowner benefit

Ensuring that the project’s commercial needs and the landowners’ financial expectations are balanced fairly is critical to the success of any project. We explain to the landowners the commercial offer and financial returns available to them for facilitating the proposed development.

Establishing tangible interest

Having established contact and outlined the project requirements and the opportunity for the landowner, we seek to establish tangible landowner interest to facilitate the project and further the negotiations.

Agreeing Heads of Terms (HOTs)

Once tangible interest in the project is established with a landowner, a non-binding Heads of Terms (HOTs) is agreed upon. This captures any special conditions or requirements the landowner may have and streamlines later stages in the negotiation process.

Option agreements

Our Land Agent Services team remain available to and engaged with the landowners while legal agreements are being finalised with their respective legal representatives. Maintaining regular landowner contact can assist in resolving issues that might otherwise delay or frustrate the process.

Land Portal

MKO has developed an online GIS-based Land Portal that houses all land and landowner information and provides instant up-to-date reporting with colour-coded progress mapping directly to our clients and our Land Agent Services team. The Land Portal gives our clients visibility on negotiation status and success probability in near real-time, based on landowner interaction.

Client reporting and risk management

We proactively mitigate risk by regularly reporting to our clients at agreed intervals. The reporting intervals can be tailored to individual client requirements, while our Land Agents are always available to report on or deal with queries as they arise.

Site selection and identification

We identify and select the optimum sites for potential projects using a rigorous and systematic process. Together with our GIS team, we identify key planning, environmental and project design constraints to identify the optimum locations for projects from a wide initial search area.

Legal services

Our Land Agent Services team engage with our client’s solicitors as required throughout the project. MKO also has a close working relationship with Ryan & Co. Solicitors, a bespoke law firm specialising in property conveyancing and the legal requirements of larger scale renewable energy and infrastructure projects. The MKO and Ryan & Co. working relationship offers a distinct advantage to project developers by facilitating efficient and effective interactions between land agents and legal representatives, resulting in quick turnarounds.

Community Liaison Officer (CLO)

With our Land Agents often working in a project location for months on end, they become well known to the local community. This puts them in a unique position to fulfil the role of Community Liaison Officer (CLO), which is a requirement on many large infrastructure projects and is recommended good practice.

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