The Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment published its Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy in early September. This new national waste policy will inform and give direction to waste planning and management in Ireland over the coming years. The previous national waste policy, A Resource Opportunity – Waste Management in Ireland​, drove delivery on national targets under EU legislation, but the Irish and international waste context has changed in the years since its launch. The need to embed climate action in all strands of public policy aligns with the goals of the European Green Deal.

Objective’s within the new waste policy document include:

  • Recycling targets for waste collectors
  • Waste recovery levy to encourage recycling
  • Education and awareness campaign to improve waste segregation
  • Single use plastics to be banned from July 2021
  • All packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2030
  • Halve the country’s food waste by 2030
  • Mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility for all packaging producers before 2024 EU deadline
  • Revision of the 2006 Best Practice Guidelines for C&D Waste
  • Unauthorised sites Action Plan and Anti-Dumping toolkit
  • Review State support for development of recycling infrastructure
  • Develop circular economy sectoral roadmaps

The Action Plan and accompanying infograhic can be found here.