Niamh discusses her role as a Graduate Environmental Scientist. 

Niamh graduated with a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Galway and joined MKO in 2021.

Can you describe your role as a Graduate Environmental Scientist? 

No two days are the same as an Environmental Scientist! My role uses my skills and knowledge from all disciplines across the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR), from ecology and birds to geotechnical assessments, along with valuable and transferable project management skills. In the morning, I could start my day by conducting some water sampling, holding client meetings in the afternoon, and ending the day by writing EIAR chapters. I enjoy the variety of my role as an Environmental Scientist, and it gives me the opportunity to try my hand at so many things.

How did you find the recruitment process for your role at MKO?

I found the recruitment process very straightforward. I heard about the job when some of the directors came into my class to talk about the open roles at MKO. I found it encouraging that the company directors came in to speak to us and answered questions about the role and company. The application and interview process was excellent from a graduate point of view – it was relaxed and informal. Moving from a college setting to a workplace can be scary and intimidating, but the interview process put me at ease.

How would you describe the culture at MKO?

The culture in MKO is extremely friendly and warm, and everyone is up for a chat and a bit of fun, and it’s easy to make friends across the different teams. Everyone, from Graduates to Seniors, is approachable and always up for a chat, be that for questions about work, or just a bit of chit-chat in the canteen.

What do you enjoy most about your role at MKO?

I enjoy the balance between desk-based work and fieldwork. I like the opportunity to spend a day or two out of the office on fieldwork; it refreshes your mind. It makes the time spent in the office much more productive too! There is such variability in every day and every week, and it makes such a difference.

What do you think future graduates would want to know about MKO?

MKO provides excellent opportunities to expand your interests and skillset. It gives you a chance to specialise in specific areas of interest and to add to your qualifications through support to become a Chartered Member of various ecological and environmental organisations.

What advice would you give potential applicants to the graduate programme?

I would advise anyone applying for the Graduate Programme to put themselves forward for any opportunity they get. There are many opportunities within MKO, so many chances to expand your knowledge and to specialise in different areas. I recommend that graduates apply for one of the areas they’re interested in and are willing to work hard, as there is so much you learn on the job.