Land solutions

Land Solutions: 2022 review


This year our land agent service has delivered more than 100 legal option agreements on behalf of our various clients, contributing to our already over 300 agreements achieved to date in previous years. The team are working actively on land acquisition for onshore and offshore wind, solar and battery projects. All of this work is to achieve the government’s ambitious aims of a climate-neutral economy by no later than 2050, and provide a 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2018 levels.


2022 has been a strong year for the GIS team particularly by making use of more contemporary online platforms. The GIS team have utilised ArcGIS Online, Operations Dashboards, Experience Builder, surveying apps and more to expand their services. Alongside these modern mapping techniques, the team has continued to conduct advanced desktop analysis to locate new viable sites to progress with clients. Constraints data mapping and multi-criteria analysis has also been an ongoing and ever improving exercise. Quality map production has supported land agents in progressing on existing projects, to support legal agreements, property registration maps and progress maps.

Across MKO, surveying apps such as Survey123, Field Maps and QField have been used effectively to collect huge amounts of data with Trimble Catalyst and KMobile also about to be launched to improve survey accuracy. In 2023 our team will look at new and emerging technology that can benefit our projects and clients.


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