On the 13th May over 110 enthusiastic staff made their way to Westport in the heart of Mayo to take part in our “Bonanza Day”. Having come through two long years of Covid and no Christmas parties, it was time to give back to MKO staff and have fun along the way.

Meeting in the Westport GAA club, we commenced the day with a Company update by way of introduction to what MKO looks like with 120 staff and growing. We discussed the future, our mission, how we can all progress our careers within MKO and how proud we are to work for a company who is actively trying to change the world for the better.

With the help of Experia Team we took part in some excellent ice breakers and team building activities. 10 groups shouted and roared the house down egging their team mates on, most of which they had only met that day! No time for formal introductions!



We had a beautiful lunch in the Castlecourt which was followed by a number of activities. Staff could choose from a round of Golf, cycling the Greenway, spa treatments or a cruise around Clew Bay. We also enjoyed a walk around beautiful Westport, lapped up the sunshine and took part in some more icebreakers by way of a cool drink in one of Westport’s pubs.



We returned to the Castlecourt for a magnificent Barbeque and then took over McGings Pub and their fabulous outdoor space. We danced and sang into the night with the most amazing bunch of people you could meet. It was a pleasure to be part of the day and meet so many of MKO’s talented staff who genuinely want to make the world a better place. Due to the success of the Bonanza Day, I believe it will become an annual event in the MKO calendar and I for one cannot wait!

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