MKO has established a new team, MKO Research, to conduct scientific research and develop evidence-based solutions for specific sectors in which MKO are active.

Initially, MKO Research will focus on advancing knowledge on the interactions between wind energy and wildlife. Wind energy is an integral part of strategies to combat climate change and decarbonise the Irish economy. However, as with all forms of energy production, poorly sited or badly designed wind energy projects can have adverse impacts on wildlife and habitats. MKO Research will address gaps in our current understanding of the effects of wind energy on wildlife in Ireland, contributing to global knowledge in this field.

‘The MKO Research initiative is a great opportunity to further our understanding of how wildlife interacts with wind energy. This type of work is essential if we are to successfully address both the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis declared by the Irish government.’ – Dr. Darío Fernández-Bellon, Senior Research Ornithologist.

MKO Research is established as a separate legal entity from MKO and operates on a not-for-profit basis as a Research Performing Organisation. Working in collaboration with conservation organisations, academic institutions, and governmental agencies in Ireland, MKO Research aims to ensure that efforts to develop wind energy are aligned with national conservation priorities.

For more information, visit the MKO Research page.