The Project Communications team and service offering launched in September with the arrival of Toni Bourke to MKO. Project Communications is something MKO has always undertaken for clients, but with Toni having joined the team, we now have dedicated focus and resource for this important project element.
Project Communications is about bringing people on a journey from a project’s inception to completion and beyond.
On behalf of a client, MKO Project Communications Team hosted their first Public Information Event for the Clonberne Wind Farm Project in Clonberne Community Hall on the 17th of November and greeted almost 200 local stakeholders. To support the event, we delivered letters, advertised the event, launched a website, developed a project leaflet, designed a virtual consultation room, issued a press release, updated TDs and County Councilors for the area, and engaged with the media to secure coverage for the proposed development. This gives a snapshot of the planning and collateral required to deliver just one event.
In delivering this event, the MKO Planning, Environment, GIS and LAV teams collaborated, resulting in effective and successful Project Communications.
Next year promises to be bright and fruitful for the new Project Communications Team with further consultations and events for additional renewable energy projects programmed.