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At MKO, our dedicated Landscape and Visual team consists of LVIA Specialists, Landscape Architects and Graphic designers. Our specialist team offer a range of services including photomontages & 3D Visualisations, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) and Landscape Architecture. 

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Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)

LVIA is a tool used to identify the effects resulting from development on the landscape, people’s views, and visual amenities. Our Landscape Team and LVIA Specialists have extensive experience in preparing LVIAs to accompany planning applications for developments ranging from small-scale residential developments to large-scale renewable energy developments (wind and solar). We use a range of the latest innovative tools and technologies to conduct our assessments, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), visibility modelling and photomontage visualisations.

Photomontage and 3D Visualisations

3D verified photomontages (also known as Verified Views) are photo representations of how a proposed development will be viewed within the landscape when built. At MKO, our Graphics team regularly produces verified photomontages to support the LVIA services provided by the Landscape and Visual team. We have experience producing photomontages for a diverse range of proposals, including wind energy and residential housing developments. 

Landscape Architecture

Our team provide a range of services in landscape architecture in private and public sectors from concept development, landscape, and detailed design, to on-site delivery and supervision. Our team provide high-quality, innovative and environmentally friendly landscapes that meet project specific requirements and offer valuable and pleasant spaces for the end user and client. We work closely with our in-house Ecology team to deliver projects that integrate nature conservation and biodiversity enhancement elements. Click here for more information about landscape architecture and optimising urban open spaces. 

MKO is a Practice Member of the Irish Landscape Institute.

TrueView Visuals

Our Landscape and Visuals Team use ‘TrueView Visual®’, an augmented reality tool for community consultation and engagement. It allows residents to visualise a proposed wind farm through a live camera feed from any view or outdoor location within their property. Read more about True View Visuals here.

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