On February 27th 2020, the terms and conditions of the RESS-1 auction were published and aim to provide a 30% increase in renewables when all RESS-1 approved projects are finalised. The terms and conditions outline that there will be three categories within the scheme; solar, community-led and all projects categories – this includes but is not limited to both on-shore and off-shore wind generation, hydropower and biomass CHP boilers. It is important to note that within the terms and conditions, a project must already have full planning permission in place granted by the relevant planning authority or An Bord Pleanála. For a project to be eligible for the All Projects category, as well as having planning permission already in place, the project must have a generation between 0.5MW and the MW equivalent of 600GWh/year.

Despite delays to date, the department notes it still expects RESS-1 to be held at some stage this year.

For further information, follow this link to the full Terms and Conditions: