The City Bin Co Ltd. operates a waste transfer station in Oranmore Co. Galway. The site is managed under Licence issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since 2005, MKO have worked with City Bin in managing the site as per the conditions of this EPA licence which includes managing all environmental monitoring requirements for ground water, surface water, air quality and noise. MKO have competed Bund integrity testing as required by the licence in accordance with The Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) Guidance Note on the Storage and Transfer of Materials for Scheduled Activities.

MKO have also assisted City Bin in the completion of water characterisation studies through waste audit and waste sample analysis. This has provided the clients of The City Bin Co Ltd. with current data relating to their waste management practices outlining the various trends in their waste streams and areas for improvement in terms of waste recycling opportunities.

In 2016, MKO completed the Environmental Liabilities Risk Assessment (ELRA) and Decommissioning Management Plan (DMP) for the facility in compliance with the conditions set in the licence, both of which were approved by the EPA. The methodology for the development of the closure plan and ELRA followed the EPA Guidance on assessing and costing environmental liabilities (2013) and the Guidance on assessing and costing environmental liabilities – Unit Costs for Verification (2014) and the ELRA.