MKO completed ecological assessments and habitat mapping of numerous waterways on behalf of Waterways Ireland. Large sections of the Royal and Grand Canals, the River Barrow and the Shannon – Erne Waterway have been surveyed by MKO. This work involved the compilation of a floral and faunal species inventory, habitat mapping and ecological evaluation of these areas. MKO have been undertaking these works for Waterways Ireland for over 10 years and have undertaken projects in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. MKO have also successfully provided ecological services including Habitats Directive assessments and Ecological Impact Assessments along with planning services in relation to a variety of developments throughout the island of Ireland over the past decade. These works have included the development of Blueways (recreational trails), moorings and slipways for boats, maintenance of marinas and other infrastructure and the construction of fish passes. Many of the individual developments have been granted planning permission and are currently operational.

In addition to the above, MKO also compiled a GIS database of all the habitat and ecological information held by Waterways Ireland. This involved ensuring that all mapped information and GIS data from a variety of consultants in the possession of Waterways Ireland was accurately registered, saved and available in a standardised format. Waterways Ireland now have a standardised database of all habitats and ecological information for the waterways under their control and for the surrounding areas.