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Our paid Internship Programme allows you to bridge the gap between university and the workplace. An internship with MKO will enable you to actively participate in project work and day-to-day activities in a collaborative and supportive environment.
Our internship programme gives you hands-on experience and the opportunity to apply your university learnings to value-added projects that enhance people’s lives and the environment.

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Hike Group

“After completing the internship with MKO, I feel more empowered to succeed in my field and confident that is the career path I want to pursue. I have connected with many interesting people and learned that there are so many pathways to environmental science. It felt great to be treated as any other employee, work on various exciting projects that will change the world for the better, write environmental reports, receive hands-on experience with site work and get the opportunity to travel the country in doing so. Moreover, I received excellent guidance and support throughout my internship, which resulted in me having a very positive work experience and allowed me to improve my understanding of the environment and Irish law. I highly recommend joining the MKO team!”

Dija Mazonaite

Landscape and Visual Intern

“During my Internship, MKO has provided excellent training in my field of Ornithology! They constantly provided the opportunity for new skills to be learned, whether in QGIS, data management or the array of different Bird surveys. It’s a very social company, with social events constantly organised and welcoming newcomers with open arms. I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to further their career in this field”.

Fionn O’Donoghue

Student Ornithologist

Hike Group
Hike Group

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Applications for our 2024 internships are now closed.

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