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Prioritising the well-being and protection of individuals.

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Health and Safety

At MKO, our dedicated Health and Safety team offer expert, practical advice and support to ensure the safety and health of those involved in all work activities and compliance with all aspects of the Occupational Safety and Health legislation.

Our team of highly skilled professionals can advise and support your Health and Safety requirements across all sectors, including construction, manufacturing, waste, utilities, and local authorities. Our Health and Safety service complements our multidisciplinary service offering to our clients. Our client-focused and outcome-led approach enables us to deliver excellent service and value to our clients.

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  • Michael McDonagh

    Michael McDonagh

    Project Director, Health and Safety



Health and Safety Key Services

Comprehensive health and safety services for effective project outcomes.

Cross-sectoral safety consultation and advice

Our team provide comprehensive advice to your organisation to ensure your staff are protected and you comply with legal obligations, including safety statements and risk assessment, HSA liaison and expert witness.

Client consultation and support (construction)

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013-2021 assign specific duties to any person/organisation for whom a project is carried out. Our team advise construction clients on all aspects of regulatory compliance. We assist in HSA notification and liaison and gathering project-specific information for designers and supervisors.

Project Supervisor for the Design Process (PSDP)

We have a proven track record of successful completion of the role of PSDP on construction projects. Our expertise ensures that all permanent and temporary works design aspects are coordinated. We ensure the designers make every effort to eliminate risks at the source during the design stage, leading to safer construction and future use and maintenance of the structure. This often leads to client cost savings during the life of the building.

Accident and incident investigation

Our experienced team work with organisations to identify the root causes of accidents and develop the appropriate practical remedial actions needed to prevent a reoccurrence. We assist in completing the regulatory IR 1 or IR 3 forms and completing a detailed internal accident report. We can provide support when dealing with the HSA, insurance companies and any other external party after an accident.

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