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Enhancing projects with progressive and geospatial technology.

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GIS and Digital

Our specialist GIS team encourage our clients and projects to be digitally focused.

This includes hosting data and content in online environments, presenting data using the most appropriate visualisation platforms and utilising online survey forms. Our digital offering relies on enriched data, analytical tools and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Using GIS, projects can make informed spatial decisions to benefit project work from conception to completion.

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  • Jack Bousfield

    Jack Bousfield

    Project Director, GIS



GIS and Digital Key Services

Comprehensive GIS and Digital services for effective project outcomes.

Map production

Our team uses their advanced cartographic skills to produce high-quality and accurate deliverables to support various reports, including Environmental Impact Assessments, Non-Technical Summaries and more.

Online capabilities

Our dedicated GIS team has a wealth of experience utilising and combining applications to produce interactive geospatial content, including spatial data websites, web map portals and dashboards.

Field data collection

We rely on our survey application expertise to create smart survey forms and advanced workflows to maximise field work efficiency.

Spatial analysis

Our experts have experience using hundreds of different analytical tools to enrich and create new data. We are well practised in multi-criteria evaluations and constraints mapping as well as use of 3D applications.

Data management

Our interoperability expertise means we can convert numerous file types to be fit for purpose. We also have strong experience working with databases, servers, catalogues, data inventories and metadata.

Land Solutions specific GIS services

MKO has developed a GIS-based Land Portal to aid negotiations with landowners. Hosted in ArcGIS Online, the platform allows landowner interactions to be recorded, agreement statuses to be defined, and several other functions, including automated reports and interactive dashboards. The Land Portal is an all-inclusive service for all spatial and legal data, particularly aiding renewables projects.

Site selection and identification

Relying on trusted, experienced constraints mapping processes, optimal sites can be identified to aid most project needs. Our team are experienced in environmental constraints, ecological, planning, heritage and more to aid location decision-making. We present these findings with clear maps, datasets or by utilising our online platform.

CAD as a service

Our dedicated CAD team can provide design assistance to facilitate the development and design of your project in both 2D and 3D formats.

Topographic Drone Survey

Generation of high-resolution (up to 1cm per pixel) photogrammetric products suitable for full spatial analysis: 2D orthomosaic maps, dense point clouds, 3D models, DSM or DTM maps.

Thermal Drone Survey

Our drone is equipped with a thermal camera that provides data that is not visible to the eye, providing utility across a diverse range of applications building heating efficiency, ecological surveying, renewable farms monitoring, and pollution detection.

Project websites

Our graphics team creates web-based solutions to host project content and media in a style aligned with your brand identity and project.

Virtual Consultation Rooms (VCRs)

Our graphics team can create tailored VCRs for your project, where users can navigate through an interactive digital space and explore project information and visuals via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


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Case Study

Selected projects

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    Galway County Council Wetland Classification

    Using desk-based spatial analysis, our GIS team identified potential sites for wetland rehabilitation in County Galway.

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    Wind and Solar site identification

    Our GIS team has successfully conducted site identification for multiple clients, specialising in identifying new wind and solar farm sites for developers.

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