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Landscape and Visual

At MKO, our dedicated Landscape and Visual team offer a range of landscape assessment services.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) is a well-defined assessment process used to identify the potential impacts of a proposed development on the landscape and visual amenity – people’s views. Our Landscape and Visual team has experience in preparing objective, robust and defensible LVIAs in line with best practice guidance. Our team uses various innovative tools and technologies to conduct their assessments, including producing photomontage visualisations, GIS spatial analysis, visibility modelling, and other remote sensing tools.

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  • Jack Workman

    Jack Workman

    Project Director, Landscape and Visual



Landscape and Visual Key Services

Comprehensive Landscape and Visual services for effective project outcomes.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)

Preparation of LVIA reports in line with best practice guidance for planning applications, including the Landscape and Visual Chapters for EIARs.

Photomontage visualisations

Our dedicated graphics team combine technical field surveying and graphic modelling methods to produce accurate and verifiable photomontage visualisations to support LVIA.

Landscape capacity assessment (wind)

We conduct early stage LVIA feasibility studies to determine the suitability and capacity of landscapes to absorb wind energy developments, informing site selection and design processes.

Augmented Reality (TrueView Visuals®)

During community consultation, we use a portable augmented reality tool enabling residents to visualise a proposed wind farm through a live camera feed from their property.

Drone surveying

We use drones for high-resolution aerial surveying to support LVIA, providing valuable insight into the baseline character and context of sites and their landscape setting.

Glint and Glare assessment (solar)

We employ industry best standards to conduct the geometric analysis to assess the effects of glint and glare on large scale solar developments.

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