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Castlemore Quarry extension

Roadstone commissioned MKO to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) to accompany a planning application for a vertical extension to Castlemore Quarry, Co. Cork. MKO acted as the overall project manager, responsible for preparing the EIAR and planning application. Input from several specialists was also required during the course of the project. Planning permission for the quarry extension was obtained in September 2021.

Image of Settlement Pond

Image of Quarry Wall

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Project challenges

The geological and hydrogeological conditions beneath the site were complex. The bedrock geology at the site comprises the Old Head Sandstone Formation, Waulsortian Limestones, Little Island Formation, Loughbeg Formation and the Ballysteen Formation. The nearest surface water features to the site are the River Brouen, which runs along the southern and eastern boundaries of the site, and the River Bride, which runs along the site’s northern boundary.

MKO prepared the EIAR to document the current state of the environment in the vicinity of the proposed development site and quantify the likely significant effects of the proposed development on the environment. MKO and the project teams’ detailed understanding of the ground conditions allowed us to support the quarry operator in overcoming the hydrological and hydrogeological challenges at the site. The assessments considered the effect of the quarry operation on groundwater and surface water impacts and concluded that all effects were assessed as not significant.

Main services provided


Strategic planning advice


Pre-application consultation


EIAR preparation


Response to further information request


Planning application preparation and management

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