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Galway County Council Wetland Classification

Using desk-based spatial analysis, our GIS team identified potential sites for wetland rehabilitation in County Galway. Galway County Council commissioned MKO to undertake a wetland feasibility study through GIS mapping. Our GIS team used constraints mapping and investigated ecological parameters to create a detailed and ranked database of wetlands suitable for restoration.

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Project challenges

Due to the high volume of wetland sites in County Galway, our GIS team developed an efficient method of managing data. They created a database which included site boundaries and influencing factors. The database proved helpful in looking at individual wetlands in more detail. The sites could also be easily compared to each other and other data. The team established a series of key parameters that determined specific sites’ rehabilitation potential. Mapping social and ecological constraints allowed the target sites to be compared and ranked. It also allowed the individual wetland sites to be analysed. Specific influences such as proximity to special areas of conservation or local communities were easily factored in as a result. The ranking system provided the basis for determining the most suitable wetlands for rehabilitation.

Main services provided


Preliminary database

Our team used desktop spatial analysis to identify and map potential wetland sites. We created a database of all constraints and known wetlands. The database was used to pinpoint and compare specific sites. It also provided the basis for creating an interactive mapping application.


Methodology for evaluating sites

Our team used constraints mapping and spatial analysis to create a reliable ranking system for site evaluation. This identified high-potential rehabilitation sites in County Galway. It can be used as a method for desk-based surveying for a broad range of disciplines.


Interactive dashboard

Our GIS team created an interactive online dashboard to display a high volume of data. The dashboard includes an easily manipulated web application displaying site locations, influencing factors, and the wetland ranking system.

Wetlands Rehabilitation

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