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Glanway Ltd Industrial Emissions Licence Review

Glanway Ltd commissioned MKO to prepare an Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) Licence review application for its existing waste management facility at Belview Port, County Kilkenny. MKO prepared the IED Licence review application documentation and associated Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR). Input from several specialists was also required during the project. The EPA granted the IED Licence in August 2021.

Image of River Suir and Port 1

Image of River Suir and Port 2

Image of Waste Units 1

Image of Waste Units 2

Image of Waste Units 3

Project challenges

The proposal included accepting and processing non-hazardous waste materials into Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) and drying the organic fines fraction of waste material primarily from the existing Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) production process. The process diverts household and commercial residual waste from landfill to the Belview facility, where it is sorted into recyclable components such as metals, plastics, etc. and the rest is then baled, wrapped and exported to European waste-to-energy facilities for energy recovery.

MKO prepared the IED Licence review application documentation, including but not limited to the bat available techniques documentation, operational report, site condition report and non-technical summary. MKO also prepared the EIAR to document the current state of the environment in the vicinity of the proposed development site and quantify the likely significant effects of the proposed development on the environment.

Main services provided


Planning application


EIAR preparation


IED Licence Review Application


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