Susan discusses her role as a Graduate Ornithologist.

Susan graduated with a degree in Ecology and Environmental Biology from University College Cork and joined MKO in 2022.

Can you describe your role as a Graduate Ornithologist? 

I have a nice balance in my role as Graduate Ornithologist. I spend most of my time in the office working with data management and review for our projects, coordinating subcontractors for surveys and assisting the team with GIS mapping. Then once or twice a week, I go out shadowing surveys or completing my own. Having this balance means I get a fantastic overview of everything we do in the ornithology department, develop my project and data management skills, as well as get a break outdoors and remind myself what we care about: the birds!

How would you describe the culture at MKO?

MKO is incredibly welcoming and friendly. There’s an open culture where you can talk to everyone across the company. The company culture is very social, with plenty of events organised throughout the year, and you can make connections throughout the company and not just in your team. This includes the company-wide Christmas party and smaller group activities such as bowling and quizzes. There are also great sporting opportunities, such as our tag rugby team during the summer.

What do you enjoy most about your role at MKO?

I have learned a lot and developed my skills and knowledge. I’ve made some great friends, which makes working on bigger projects much easier. As a member of the Social Committee, I have also met people from other teams and enjoy organising the company’s social events.

What do you think future graduates would want to know about MKO?

I’ve already learned so much from my Ornithology teammates and the other teams at MKO. The weekly Knowledge Share sessions are beneficial, allowing people from around the company to present their expertise and industry updates to everyone. If you have enthusiasm, there are endless opportunities to learn and work on different projects in a productive and educational environment.

What advice would you give potential applicants to the graduate programme?

MKO will support you every step of the way, providing training and opportunities to progress. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!