Health and Safety – 2023 review

This year, we launched our new dedicated Health and Safety Team. This service complements MKO’s other multidisciplinary consultancy services and offers expert, practical advice and support to ensure the safety and health of those involved in work activities and compliance with all aspects of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) legislation.

2023 Highlights

Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)

Since the team started in January, the MKO Health and Safety team has taken on the role of PSDP for many projects, including wind farms, offshore wind farms, solar farms, and other construction projects in the sports and education sectors.

Our team was successful in qualifying on the Department of Education’s ‘Framework for PSDP Consultancy for large scale school projects’ and, to date, has been appointed PSDP on six new school projects.

General OSH Consultancy and Safety Staff Support

The Health and Safety Team has grown throughout the year and added more experienced staff and expertise. The offering has expanded into general OSH consultancy, including working with the HSE in Cork University Hospital to fully review their safety management systems for their building and maintenance division. MKO has expanded this general OSH consultancy offering to other organisations in the manufacturing, construction, education and other sectors.

Other services from MKO H&S include safety advisor placement support, training including manual handling/fire warden/working at heights, Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment, and accident and incident investigation.

Our dedicated health and safety team is actively involved with national sectoral Health and Safety Committees with both the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) and Wind Energy Ireland (WEI).

For 2024, our team plans to continue to grow and offer our clients an industry-leading OSH consultancy service.

With 32 people losing their lives in Irish workplaces* the need to implement effective health and safety management remains both a legal and moral imperative for employers. If you require any OSH support, please do not hesitate to contact Michael McDonagh, Project Director at mmcdonagh@mkoireland.ie.

  *year to date to Dec 01st, from HSA figures


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