True View Visuals

TrueView Visuals®

Our Landscape and Visual team recently implemented a newly rolled out community consultation and engagement tool – ‘TrueView Visual®’, an augmented reality tool which enabled local residents to visualise a proposed wind farm through a live camera feed from any view or outdoor location within their property. The community consultation was conducted earlier this year for the proposed Glenard Wind Farm, in Co. Donegal, as part of the overall community engagement conducted for the proposed wind farm.

The TrueView software is installed on a tablet device which projects a model of the proposed turbines within a real time camera view using the tablet camera. With this, residents living nearby a wind farm project were be able to view the proposed wind turbines superimposed upon favoured views from within their property, for example outside their kitchen window.

The TrueView proved a valuable tool for the community engagement, enabling local residents to better understand the scale and nature of the proposed turbines from the personal perspective of their own homes, helping foster peace of mind for the residents in relation to the personal impact on their own lives and homes.


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